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I thoroughly recommend Mike

Mike has a lovely natural way in relating to his students and his comments were positive and supportive.

I thoroughly recommend him as a teacher to old and young alike.

An excellent golf teaching pro

Mike Raj is an excellent teaching pro.

He matched his teaching style to the way in which I prefer to learn.

A patient and thorough golf coach

Mike is a very patient and thorough coach.

He matches his golf coaching to each pupil’s requirements and abilities.

He encourages all the time.

Confidence inspiring golf coach

One of Mike’s great assets as a coach is that he really believes in his pupils… It helps to build the confidence that leads to success.

Enjoyable, value for money golf coaching

Lessons were very enjoyable and good value for money… My average score dropped by almost 20 shots by the end of the coaching.

Better impact, better connection

After a few lessons I found that I was impacting the ball better, getting better connection… I was growing in confidence and feeling better about my golf shots

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